Fashion, drips, glitz and glamour go in sync with music awards and red carpets.

On October 21, 2023, Trace Music hosted its awards ceremony in Kigali, Rwanda for the first time to celebrate Afro music. We look at some of the fashion moments that did it for us yesterday.


If the classic American Jazz music fashion had a 2023 design, it’d be this OBO’s outfit — an oversized sequined dress adorned with “shine-shine.” The overall has his self-titled “OO1” nickname etched on its back. Baddest, for real 🙌🏿.

Yemi Alade

One would have expected Mother Africa covered from head to toe in Ankara, but she picked a simple, glossy emerald dress. Also, we couldn’t miss the emerald touches in her jewellery. Simplicity and intentionality >>>>

BK Arena

Then she turned up on the stage like this. Loveee it.

Soraia Ramos

We absolutely love this effortless look from Portuguese-Cape Verdean singer, Soraia. We haven’t seen anyone else that can turn Kiwi into a fashion drip.

Soraia Ramos

Mucyo Sandrine

Mucyo Sandrine came draped in a bead-embroidered sequin, covered with an orange and pink fluffy design. The dress is well put together, and we think Mucyo had to remind us why she’s one of the hottest fashion models on the continent.

BK Arena


We know why 2Baba came in agbada and Hausa cap — he’s now an elder-statesman in African music. Plus, cultural representation is never out of style.

BK Arena

Nomcebo Zikode

The twisted shoulder design, framed corset and open-finger gloves are beautiful. Also, the short afro haircut and royal-blue tail blend the gorgeous look together. Nothing screamed “royalty is here” like the colour choice and quality tailoring.

Azarias Muecalla

Who knew cowries would bang this hard on a suit? Look at the petal design stapled at the hand which low key doubles as a hand-fan, and tell us the coolest looks don’t come from the most daring people. Nice one, Azarias.

Rutshelle Guillaume

All-black looks always eat. But Haitian singer Rutshelle munched everything with her thigh-slit dress, complimented by flying wings and arm gloves — giving an I’m-here-for-what-is-mine look. Behold, she bagged Best Artist in The Carribean category at the ceremony.


We don’t know if she picked this dress a day before this event or if she just likes simple outfits, but the knee-length golden heels spiced up her look. Somehow, it ate.

BK Arena

Viviane Chidid

She stepped on stage for her performance in this beautiful patterned gown. She first appeared with a long fur coat hanging over her shoulder, then took it off with poise; Viviane served a proper don-chic look.

Another day to remind you that we’re getting closer to the Burning Ram. Have you bought your ticket to the biggest meat festival or you’re still sleeping?



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