The “101” trend, which references the basic university courses codes, has been making the rounds on X. People have jumped on the trend with different human interest topics and Afrobeats isn’t left behind.

We compiled a list of some tips: the good, bad, funny, factual, and incorrect things people replied to the Afrobeats 101 posts with.

You must always bring something to the table

Say no to stan wars

Good words. Like elderly ones say, no tree can live inside the forest on its own.

Fire fan

We understand you’re a huge fan and acknowledge Laughter, Tears and Goosebumps is a contender for one of the best debut Afrobeats albums. But it’s not the greatest album of the genre. Let’s give Afrobeats a little more time before this conversation kicks off officially.

Are you a joker?

Where is the lie?

If you like, sleep.

WC for a reason

Wande Coal (a.k.a. WC) made Mushin 2 Mo’Hits — one of the most important albums in Afrobeats and laid the blueprint for new cats like Oxlade, Victony, and Fireboy DML.

This tweet smells

One thing people need to learn to stop doing is downplaying others’ efforts and acting like two kings can’t coexist.

Lyricism matters though

Our stance is that lyrics should also matter, but whatever your preference is, cheers.


Artists need to learn to invest seriously in their art. You can’t lavish on clothes and jewellery, then claimthere’s no money for promo. Set your priorities straight.

Lies won’t go on for long

Using a songwriter isn’t a crime

Having a songwriter isn’t a guarantee to success, and there’s nothing wrong with getting professionals to help your writing (except you’re a rapper💀)

Attentiveness is sexy

Help us touch that bros. Yes, Wizkid, we greet you.

Documentation is important

This can’t be emphasised enough. Documenting your journey is how to ensure your story isn’t erased and it’s told as it is. Take Ye’s Jeen-Yhus doc for example.

Artists can do better

Concerned parties should catch their subs.

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