Tems has been on some wildfire shit this year as her feature on Wizkid’s Essence helped shoot the song to fame in the US. Landing a feature on Drake’s Certified Lover Boy album is another cherry on Tem’s sundae. Quite clearly, Tems didn’t come here to play. Here are 8 Tem’s songs that prove she is not your mate.

1. Try Me — Tems

This 2018 song shot Tems into the limelight quicker than she could say “o porr”. The hit snuck on many of us and three years down the line, I still want to randomly burst out screaming “Why you wanna try me?” in the middle of the market square.

 Tems – Try Me (Official Video)

2. Damages

While we were still trying to figure out 2020 and the pandemic, our caring queen gave us this sweet jam to use as background music for the times you wanted to have a mental breakdown. A top jam, for sure.

Tems- Damages (Official Video)

3. Soon — Blackmagic ft Tems

The guy who gave us Repete put Tems on Soon, the opener to his third album, Blackmagic Version 3.0. Once again, she shows her ability with a rendition that almost reminds you of Sade Adu. Also, let me use this opportunity to remind you that Blackmagic is GOATed.

Blackmagic – Soon (Official Audio) ft. Tems

4. The Key – Tems

This jam introduced us to Tem’s dexterity and ability to switch it up. It’s definitely a jam you won’t forget easily.

Tems- The Key (Official Video)

5. Trouble — DRB LasGidi ft Tems

Her sonorous chorus played no small part in giving this song the acclaim it deserves. 

DRB LasGidi – Trouble feat. Boj, Teezee, Fresh L., Tems

6. Looku Looku Tems

This 2019 single introduced us to Tem’s ability to hold a note.  The song is almost entrancing in its softness. Tems sabi ball. It’s a song about a man whose hoe ways led him to ruin. Because he be looku looku baby.

Looku Looku – Tems


7. Mr Rebel — Tems

Our babe’s 2018 follow up to her hit single Try Me was a banger in its own right. She really flexed her songwriting muscles on this one quite comfortably.

Tems – Mr Rebel

8. Tales by Moonlight — Show Dem Camp ft. Tems

You know if Show Dem Camp is on it, it’s got to be a jam. Tems plays her part in this Afro vibes song.

Show Dem Camp – Tales By Moonlight [Official Audio] ft. Tems

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