The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is free of alcohol but full of surprises. From underdog teams showing former champions shege to the random man who ran into the pitch, this tournament is giving what it’s supposed to, and we’re totally here for it. 

Lionel Messi not being able to save Argentina from Saudi Arabia 

Lionel Messi is the GOAT! Lionel Messi is the GOAT! And small Saudi Arabia that ranks 51 on FIFA’s world’s best teams still ended up beating his home team? Maybe it’s time to switch the title from GOAT to asun because this shock is not here. Love to see it for Saudi Arabia, though. 

Lukaku becoming the affliction that keeps rising against Belgium 

No one has missed more chances to score at the 2022 World Cup so far than Romelu Lukaku. This man had like four opportunities to put Belgium ahead in their match against Croatia (and become the highest goal scorer this year), but his village people wouldn’t let him succeed. The funniest part is how shocked he looked every time he missed a goal. Now we understand why Chelsea decided to sell him off to Inter Milan. 

Japan starting Germany’s downfall

With four World Cup titles to their name (their most recent win being at the 2014 tournament), everyone automatically thought Germany had the Japan game in the bag. After all, Japan hasn’t even smelt the trophy before. But like with David and Goliath, Japan kicked off the group stage of the tournament by using Germany to mop the floor. 

This match let other teams know the Japan team didn’t come to play this year.

Cameroon peppers Serbia to a draw match 

Despite losing their first match against Switzerland, Cameroon pulled through in their second outing, equalising earlier goals from Serbia and walking away with a 3 – 3 draw. Even though they didn’t win the match, Cameroon showed us black excellence and just like Issa Rae: 

Japan’s surprise second-half save against Spain

Japan beating Germany during the World Cup group opener was a cute stroke of luck, but beating 2010 winners, Spain? After Spain scored first goal 11 minutes in, Japan came back with ginger in the second half and scored two goals like it was nothing. 

Omo, maybe it’s time to ask the Japanese team what soap they’re using?

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Morocco beatin world second-best Belgium 2 – 0

It’s not every day the 22nd-ranked football team strolls in and beats the world’s second-best. But that’s exactly what happened at the World Cup when Morocco gave Belgium the beating of their lives. Watching Belgium struggle for an equaliser was one thing, but watching them swallow two goals from Morocco? We have to scrim!

A protester disrupting the Portugal and Uruguay match

The match between Portugal and Uruguay will always be remembered as the match where a protester ran onto the field with a t-shirt and flag supporting Iranian women, peace in Ukraine and LGBTQIA+ rights. Apparently, the same guy ran onto the field in protest during a 2014 World Cup game. We can’t help but stan a consistent  king. 

Tunisia beating their former colonisers and current World Cup champions

Tunisia might be going home after losing their matches to Australia and Denmark. But they initially beat their former coloniser and current World Cup champions, France, and that’s iconic AF. Imagine Nigeria beating England in a match? We love to see it. 

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