Your village people won’t wear a sign stating their agenda in your life, which is why you should identify them before they come after you.

These are some ways to fish them out.

1. They stan patience Ozokwor, Kanayo O. Kanayo and Chiwetalu Agu

If you think this is a coincidence, think again. From who they stan, you shall know them.

2. They always know about good things that happen in your life before you tell them

If you ever share good news with someone, and they say they’re already aware of the developments, fear them. That’s a village person right there.

3. They work in NEPA office

I mean, this is the biggest red flag of all. That’s why there’s always a power outage when you’re about to iron your work clothes.

4. They ask questions like “How are you?” too often

How else will they confirm if their plot against you is working if they don’t ask about your well-being? Better reply with “I’m fine” and avoid them.

5. They’re the first and last person you see daily

Village people thrive on dominating your life. So, the more you see of them, the better their chances of putting sand in your garri.

6. They smile too much when you’re around

This is one of the tactics they use to mask their village-peopleness. Don’t for fall it.

7. They appear in your dreams

Plead the blood of Jesus and mark their face.

8. They laugh at your misfortunes in the name of “jokes”

The only reason why they find your downfall funny is because they caused it. Classic village person move.

9. If you see this type of pot in their house

Never eat food cooked in a pot like this if you like your destiny.



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