Have you just joined Twitter? Do you need to become popular and gain followers? Do you need tips on how to become a Twitter influencer? Then you have come to the right place. Read and digest this post, then put it to good use. Watch how your followers will multiply in days.

1. Start by creating a catfish account where you will post nudes.

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People are horny, especially guys. And they will not support their fellow guy who is hustling. It’s not their fault, they believe that a guy can’t offer them anything reasonable, #NoHomo. So if you’re a guy, create an account with female details, and put breasts on your profile picture. It doesn’t matter if they are a goat’s breasts or so; many guys can’t tell the difference. They will follow you and retweet your profile. Business don start.

2. Join every follow for follow thread possible.

Retweet to get 500 followers? You sef retweet am. Retweet to get 1M followers? You sef retweet am. Anything can happen. God of 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes can enter into your matter.


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I put this in caps so you can realise how important it is if you want to become popular on Twitter. See ehn, my dear reader who wants to be popular on Twitter, insult is the way oh. Insult Buhari, Osibanjo, Mercy Eke, Ini Edo, just keep insulting. Insult your fellow Twitter users too. Don’t worry, it’s called Savage Responses. They will screenshot it and post you on Instagram where new followers will find you.

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4. Lie.

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Tweet that you caught your girlfriend with seventeen dildos. Say that your mother had 47 male children. Say that you tripped on a box of cornflakes and fell. Just lie anything. People will follow liars. You should hit 5k followers already.

5. At 5k followers, do giveaway.

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Sinzu money. It doesn’t matter if you don’t give away anything. Who go accuse you? And even if you give away your old bathroom slippers, it’s still a gift.

6. Fight with only popular people.

You want to be popular, shebi? Then attack the popular people. That’s how to be popular on Twitter. Tweet that someone has cotton wool in her brain. Tweet that someone has an okrika sex doll. Just do things that will help you trend. You’re on your way to fame.

7. At 15k followers or more, then you have arrived.

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It’s time to come into your real self now. Change your username to Mr./Miss Popular. Charge money to promote products. Your hard labour of popularity is finally paying off; why not use the influence to secure the bag? Go try this and come and thank us later.

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