If you make music and it’s hard to get your Nigerian parents to become your fan or dance to your tune, it’s either your work isn’t impressive or you haven’t consulted us yet. Everyone knows we have the best solution to all problems.

Make a song for them

If you’re serious about converting your parents into your music stans, make a song for them. It may be about their love life, how they make sacrifices for the family, how you want to be like them when you grow up or just a song hailing them from top to bottom. Their heads will swell, and they’ll throw all their weight behind you instantly.

Host “throwback music” sessions 

Make it your job to host these sessions every weekend. Play them their favourite childhood songs then throw your music in the mix to gradually indoctrinate them. This can be a slow process, but you’ll laugh last.

Promise eternal youth

Let your folks know that listening and dancing to young people’s music is the secret to staying forever young. Then convince them your music is most potent for them because you’re their blood.

Coolest parents award

One major prerequisite to becoming cool parents is to be your kids’ number one fan. Convince them not to miss this prestigious award this year.

Sing and cry

When you shed a few crocodile tears while performing a song, they’ll think music has possessed you and you’re actually made for it. You might even get them teary too. A little in-house emotional performance may be all you need to make them your music stans.

Impress them with stats

Tell them your music travels without a visa. Imagine the curiosity on your parents’ faces when you tell them you have hundreds of streams from listeners in different parts of the world.

Play your music around them non-stop

Always keep your music playing around them. They’ll eventually love it or they’ll send you out of their house. Anyways, no gree for anybody.

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