We asked for drama and Big brother said, “Hold my beer.” With two houses, fake housemates and the general chaos of this season, it’s hard to imagine the show is just barely four weeks old. From love trapeziums, friendship spats and individual conflicts, there are some important lessons to learn.

Every disappointment is a blessing

Sometimes you have to let go of something to get something better. Remember how distraught Groovy was when Beauty got disqualified? He was literally moping around the house. But look at him now — the most sought-after and honestly, we love it for him.

If you see what you want, go for it 

Even though the feeling may not be reciprocated, at least, you tried. I mean, look at Doyin — or maybe if Amaka had simply told Groovy how she felt about him, he would have been with her instead of Phyna. 

Love fiercely and fearlessly

With the amount of breakfasts flying around, we understand why you’d be scared to wear your heart on your sleeve. Sure, people may call you a simp. But if we’ve learnt anything from the “Shella” ship is that, if you love someone you have to be intentional. Tell them and show them. 

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Men will stain your white 

Know this and know peace. Don’t lose sight of your goal because of a few hours of pillow talk and under-the-duvet moments. Because the same man you’ll get in trouble for, will not only replace you, he’ll do it a week after your ‘split’ and with your friend. We’re sure Beauty is boiling watching Groovy all loved up with Phyna. Smh. 

Love is wicked

Somebody will like you but you’ll say you don’t like them, you like somebody else, but that person will not like you because they’re chasing someone who doesn’t rate them. And that’s how, just like that, breakfast has touched everybody. 

Pro tip: Na mumu dey love. Always stay guiding.

Set boundaries and know where to draw the line

Never accommodate something you’re not okay with even if it’s done by someone you care about. For Khalid, having sex on live television might have been okay, but he chose to draw the line at drinking alcohol. And who are we to judge?

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