While we were watching the 2021 Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria pageant and seeing the contestants being refreshed by Malta Guinness at the fashion show, slumber party, and grand finale, we noticed how there were five types of contestants present at MBGN that you’re sure to find at any beauty pageant you attend. So we decided to write about them.

1) The one who came with experience.

You can tell by the way this one moves that no be today she don dey do this pageant thing. She’s calm, collected, and already knowledgeable in all the things the others are still learning (catwalking, waving, posture, etc). Agbani Darego no do pass this one. All the other contestants will need to step up their game to even stand a chance of winning with her present.

2) The one who came prepared.

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You can tell that this one has never been in a pageant before but is determined to succeed. With the kind of energy she comes in with, you’ll think she has come to fight everybody. She’s the contestant that’ll curtsy, thank the interviewer for asking her a question, and then start her answer with, “My names are…” Unlike the others who are there to compete but also have fun, she’s just there to win, and her Terminator-like behaviour will let everyone know that she’s not there to make friends but to conquer.

3) The one who didn’t prepare at all.

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From the way this one will be behaving, you’ll think she’s a fine girl who just stumbled into the pageant venue and decided to compete last minute. She can’t catwalk, has terrible posture, and seemingly can’t answer one question without stammering like someone that has hot yam in her mouth. She’ll be evicted from the pageant early and you won’t feel bad for her because she should’ve done her homework before coming to roll with the big girls.

4) The one who came to defeat everybody at the talent show.

This one would be doing just fine in other areas, but when it comes to the talent show, she’ll start moving like she has something to prove to all her haters. She’ll come on stage and hit everybody with a skill so out-of-the-box and undeniably amazing that you’ll wonder how she discovered she could do such a thing and how long she’s been practising.

5) The one who is clearly only there to get brand endorsements.

This one wants to win as much as the others but has also laid out a plan of action to take if she doesn’t. You see, she has figured out that the only people to greatly benefit from pageants are the winners, so she plans to stand out as much as possible in all aspects of the pageant. That way, if she’s not given the crown, she’ll get other opportunities capable of yielding monetary returns, like brand endorsements. She’s a woman with a plan. Be like her.



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