Being an old Nollywood sidekick is no easy task. With limited screen time, they have to work twice as hard to stand out. One minute they’re in class  studying, and the next, they’re outside some random girl’s hostel  shouting “boyfriend snatcher!” because their friend (and main character) needs them to. Yes, the role of movie sidekick is hard.  But here are some of our favorite old Nollywood sidekicks who ate every scene they appeared in.

Susan Patrick – The President’s Daughter

In The President’s Daughter, one of the most chaotic old Nollywood representations of IJGB culture to ever exist, Regina Askia plays Vanessa, the daughter of a Nigerian president who returns from the “states” to do drugs and walk around in a hideous grey wig. While Ms. Askia is the official star of the film, Susan Patrick gives an equally hilarious performance as Achika, Vanessa’s best friend and personal hype woman. In an unforgettable scene where both ladies go shopping in a boutique, Vanessa asks the sales girl to send everyone out because, well, when you’re big, you’re big. When the sales girl tries to protest, she quickly tells her to “sharrap”, and in that moment, Achika drops this iconic line:

“If your friends don’t tell people who you are, who will?”

Uche Jombo – Beyonce vs. Rihanna

Rumor has it that the real Beyonce has seen this film. Although Mummy Blue has refused to share her thoughts on this visual masterpiece, the Nollywood/Ghollywood cross-pollination cannot be complete without Beyonce vs. Rihanna

. The film follows Rhyme (Omotola Jalade Ekeinde as discount Rihanna) and Bernice (Nadia Buari as discount Beyonce), two singers constantly fighting each other for supremacy in the music industry, and the heart of a local champion music producer named Jay (Jim Iyke as discount Jay Z). Most of the movie’s runtime features showdowns between the “singers,”  and Uche Jombo, who plays Rhyme’s right hand woman, was always on hand to drag Bernice for filth.

We stan a committed friend.

Martins Njubuigbo – Every film with a Palace Scene

If there’s one thing I miss about old Nollywood, it’s all the palace deliberation scenes. Back in the day, every film set in a village had an igwe, with his  council of elders who were always ready to offer sage advice and kiss his ass. Nollywood actor, Martins Njubuigbo, is a regular on this council. From Olu Jacobs to Pete Edochie, Nonyelu has served more terms than a Nigerian military Head of State turned president. Legend has it that if you look into a mirror and say “Igwe” three times, he’ll appear. 

Franca Brown – Abuja Connection

Way before Eucharia Anunobi and Clarion Chukwura gave their lives to Christ, they gave us iconic characters in the 2003 drama, “Abuja Connection”. Set in the city filled with contract and senator chasers, the film follows the rivalry between Jennifer (Clarion Chukwura)  and Sophia (Eucharia Anunobi), two women who hate each other’s guts because there aren’t enough sugar daddies in Abuja for them to share.. It features the epic scene where Eucharia tells Clarion, “I can see you envy my beauriful bawdy.” Amidst the outrageous wigs, long acrylic nails and heavy gold jewelry, Franca Brown, who plays Eucharia’s sidekick, issues multiple unforgettable threats. 

Violent friends, over here please!

Mac Morris Ndubueze – Every film where one or two cultists are gathered

If there is one thing Nollywood campuses are known for, it’s peak cultism action. From Ini Edo as an oppressed student in “Beautiful Faces” to Nonso Diobi as an oppressor in “War Game,” almost all our faves have been involved in at least one cultism-themed drama. Talking about “War Game”, our favorite character in it happens to be the sidekick played by Mac Morris Ndubueze. You know that thing where someone says a lot without saying anything at all? That was Mac Morris throughout the film. 

We stan a trigger-happy comic relief!


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