A lot of us witnessed the era when many Nollywood actors decided to try their hands at music for some reason. A LOT of them sucked at it and we all made jokes (Hi, Jim), but there were others who actually made fire bops we all still bump to till this day.

1) Genevieve Nnaji

This song is a feminist anthem (and a lowkey bop) but we all didn’t notice because we were too busy clowning the insane early 2000s vibes/fashion featured in the music video.

2) Omotola Jalede-Ekeinde

This was yet another case of Nigerians not being able to see past the music video featuring batshit early 2000s fashion, insane set pieces, Omotola’s struggle dance steps, and a clown for some reason. The song is a legit bop.

3) Nkem Owoh

This song might’ve been banned by the EFFC for its subject matter (and might’ve resulted in Nkem Owoh being arrested by the Dutch police on suspicion of lottery fraud and immigration violations) but real ones still bump this fuego bop to this day.

4) Patience Ozokwor

The Nollywood queen of wickedness (under the stage name, Mama Gee) gave us this eternal bop that doubled as her manifesto for if she ever becomes president. Everyone getting their own share of the national cake/moimoi? That’s a movement we should all get behind.

5) Tonto Dikeh

If you’ve listened to any of Tonto’s songs (yes, she has more than one) and are wondering why she’s on this list, it’s because she’s the queen of making music that falls into the “so bad, it’s good” category. Her first (terrible) hit single was titled “Hi”. Go listen to it if you haven’t and thank me later.

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