BBNaija 2021 has started, and everywhere is abuzz with opinions and comments to share. Of all these things, the most interesting has to be tweets from Nigerians on Twitter. Nigerians are naturally funny, as you can tell from our monthly tweet compilations. But with BBNaija housemates providing them even more content, the funny tweets are an overload.

Here’s a compilation of the funniest tweets we have seen since BBNaija 2021 started:

1. This one banger with WhiteMoney’s facial expression.

2. Wahala for who get long name.

3. One thing about Igbo men? Their net singlet must always make an appearance.

4. Serious nnamaste wahala.

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5. LMAO everyone and the one that is important to them.

6. Another Gen Z vs Millennial fight is brewing…

7. This one is shameful, let us not even lie.

8. If you get this joke in one take, just go and face the wall.

9. “Nne, wait make I go bring am from second shop.”

10. Married men can never catch a break in this life.

11. If you know, you know.

12. Loud scream.

13. If they can ban mannequins, what is Big Brother Naija that they cannot ban?

14. Forget it, some people cannot make heaven. Ahan!



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