Kunle Afolayan’s six-part series, Anikulapo: Rise of The Spectre, dropped on Friday, March 1, 2024, and there’s been a “power-must-change-hands” situation. Remember how Saro (Kunle Remi) made a fortune from raising people from the dead in the feature film? This time around, his jaded ex, Arolake (Bimbo Ademoye) calls the shots with her magical money bag.

While the chances of finding a bag like that are slim, we can’t help but make an effort to help you find it.

First, you must relocate

Anikulapo: How to Find Arolake’s Money Bag and Defeat Poverty

You’re wrong on multiple levels if you’re reading this article from the comfort of your home in a city. Call your parents, ask for directions to your village and hit the road.

Bus, what?

Anikulapo: How to Find Arolake’s Money Bag and Defeat Poverty

Perish the idea of Abeokuta by bus or Benin by flight. You’ll love a lirru trek-a-thon because it’s the only way to increase your chances of running into a batshit crazy mythical creature from another world.

You must enter evil forest

Anikulapo: How to Find Arolake’s Money Bag and Defeat Poverty

It might not look like it, but Arolake knew what she was doing when she chose to enter the connecting forests that led to her destination. You, start with Sambisa.

And spend the night there

It’s not enough to enter the forest. You must also spend the night there. In case you’re wondering why this is necessary, we have one question. Have you ever seen mythical beings in the daytime? Exactly. They roll in the dead of the night.

Make sure you’re a chores expert

Remember how Arolake ran chores for the otherworldly creature, no questions asked? This should be you if you want to get rewarded with a magical money-minting bag.

Get TF out

Once the mission has been accomplished, run as fast as your legs would allow because god forbid you run into a spirit that unalives you for daring to invade their world.

Keep your mouth shut

Arolake’s undoing in the original film was telling Saro about the pouch that resurrected dead people. Even she has wisened up, so don’t be like past her.

And defeat poverty

This magical pouch never runs of out money. What more do you need to rise above the inflation threatening to unalive Nigerians, other than an endless supply of spiritual money?

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