We Asked Zikoko Writers What They’d Do If Their Bae Abandoned Them During A Robbery

June 2, 2016

A few days ago, Joro Olumofin shared an email he received from a young lady on his Instagram page

And for you people that don’t like reading long things; she basically said that when her boyfriend saw the robbers approaching, he ran out of the car without even warning her

So when the Zikoko team heard about this craziness, we just couldn’t help but chook our own mouths inside

Maryam, Junior Writer

“I’ll dump him on the spot and ask if he’s okay afterwards since we all want to be childish. Just to make him know what it feels like to be suddenly abandoned.”

Nerd Efiko, Senior Writer

“It will pain me sha. At least warn me before you take off, let us run together. Hian.”

Damilola, Editor-In-Chief

“If my boyfriend did this to me, we are basically done. And since he wants to be silly and childish, I’ll put on him on blast – tell his mother, his father, his pastor, put them on a WhatsApp group and put him on BLAST. And it’s the kind of guy who’s always doing Bonnie and Clyde on Instagram that’ll do this sort of thing. But when it comes down to it…?”

Osarumen, Zikoko Contributor/Senior Editor at TechCabal

“First of all, I’m likely to be the one doing the running. If she beats me to it, then I’m going to put a ring on it. That is, if I can find her afterwards.”

Tola, Zikoko Contributor/Writer at TechCabal

“I’d probably just break up with him by never speaking to him again. Ever again. People heard the gist and were laughing… It’s so embarrassing Jesus!”

Odunayo, Staff Writer

“LMAOO. For me, I don’t expect my boyfriend to fight armed robbers, that’s obviously stupid. But at least stay with me, let’s give them all our belongings together. If he runs, I’m single now.  We could have run together but…anyway, no space for cornflakes guys in my life.”

Tobi Smith, Staff Writer

“I’ll see it as God showing me she’s not the one for me. As she ran away, she should run out of my life. We are single now. But if it was the other way round, I’ll either stay with her and see what happens, or ask her how many legs she has, depending on how much I have and how strong the armed robbers faces are.”

So if your significant other ran away when you were approached by armed robbers, what would you do? Share your thoughts in the comments section

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