Some Chinese people will cover their noses or run away when they see a black person.

23 September,

Hey, you. The way I’m excited for the weekend, you’d think I had any plans of leaving my house.

But hey, who knows, maybe I’d wake up on the adventurous let’s-go-out-and-eat-food-we-already-have-at-home-only-more-expensive side of the bed tomorrow. Unlikely, but a girl can dream.

Tife Editor


The Inside Gist: After 8 Years in China, I Still Feel Like an Alien

Hey Sheriff! I remember you saying you wanted to speak with someone who lives in China. How did you find her?

Through someone I was initially supposed to interview. I met that person through Instagram, and we exchanged numbers at some point. So, when I knew I’d be writing a story on someone from China, I just texted her. She almost ghosted me, but she eventually told me her friend who’d been there for 8 years wanted to do the interview.

I was getting into this story until I got to the part where she said the Chinese lit her hair on fire. Like what?

LMAO. That part blew my mind. There’s a lot of stuff that didn’t even make it to the final story; it’s that crazy. The most shocking part for me was when someone dragged her by the hair just because she wanted to know if it was real. Like, are you mad or something? On top of that, the person was angry when she confronted her.

Mad. The country’s orderliness aside, I don’t see China in my future. Do you?

I don’t see China in my future, please. It will remain a place I read and hear about for a very long time.

Read her story from China

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🎶 Rain rain, go away!

A little something to keep you warm this weekend, since it looks like the world’s trying to end by flood.

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