We all love watching Nollywood movies, but they need to retire from using some of their plots. Here are some plots that we think they should break up with.

The one where a guy bumps into a lady and she drops her bag

Then they both try to pick it up but instead of picking it up, they look into each other’s eyes for like 30 seconds, and of course, it’s love at first sight. Please, nobody has time for that in real life. Imagine this happened to you in Yaba market, will you have time to start doing “love at first sight”?

The one where the mother-in-law hates her son’s wife for no reason

This will always be ghetto behaviour. The annoying part is most of the time, she’s also a witch. Nollywood, we are on our knees. Please, let go of this plot. I’m sure everyone remembers who used to play this role.

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The one where the person is barely in front of the car but the car hits them 

If you don’t find this plot annoying, I don’t know what to say to you. What is that annoying sound effect they always add? 

The one where the maid is having an affair with her madam’s husband

Half of the movies on Africa Magic are about how the madam was too busy with work, so her husband started having an affair with their maid who takes care of him.

The one where the prince falls in love with the poor village girl

This plot is giving Cinderella. We all know how it will end: the prince breaks up with his rich girlfriend, his family members like and marry the poor village girl, and they’ll live happily ever after.

The one where the step-mother is extremely wicked 

Just like the one with the wicked in-law, this plot is old and stale.

The one where the gateman and the house girl are messing around

It’s a funny plot but it has become basic, and I think I speak for everybody when I say, WE ARE TIRED.

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The one where the mothers and aunties keep disturbing their daughters and nieces to get married

We know it’s like that in real life, but Nollywood, we’re tired of watching it. Give us something different, like a plot where Nigerians start showing their politicians pepper. 



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