January salary is scared for its life right now, and it should be. After making us wait for so long, it should know we have a lot in store for it. Because why did it take the whole year to arrive? Now that it’s here, this is how you should treat it.

First of all, shed tears of joy

Do you know how long this month was? You could’ve completed a Master’s degree program in January alone. Give thanks that your wait is finally over.

Have one last look at the complete money in your account

Nothing is sweeter than seeing a round figure in your account on salary day, even though you know it won’t last 24 hours.

Think of all the things you suffered in January

Think back to the times when you were struggling in the ghetto of sapa, before your salary showed up as salvation.

Prepare to start tearing it into pieces

Enough of the fantasies. It’s time to spend money like a bandit. Your time has finally come after waiting for so long.

Buy food

You can’t do this on an empty stomach. You need to spend some of the salary on food first. Eat well before you fully settle into the cash that just came your way.

Make a budget

If you don’t want to spend like a bandit, make a budget of the things you want. You’ll probably not follow it, but at least, don’t plan to fail from the beginning nau.

Step outside

You’ve been an introvert all month because you don’t have money. It’s time for your true personality to show itself once again.

Start begging your last cash not to leave you

After you’ve enjoyed yourself and realise it’s only the 10th of February, you need to start begging the last ₦10k in your account not to leave you.

Wait for February salary

Ultimately, you know it’ll leave. So just take your mind off it and start preparing for February salary.

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