A creative C.V can be the difference between silence and “I got the job.” It helps you to stand apart in a sea of masses especially in a country as populated as Nigeria.

Also, a creative C.V can give you leverage when it’s time to negotiate for a salary because it just looks so well made just like the owner.

We found some creative C.V samples for you to explore if you have decided to stand out from the crowd.

Shall we?

1) I like what I see.

Here’s a link if this interests you.

Creative CV Zikoko

2) I can’t apply for the same job as this person.


Creative CV Zikoko

3) Simple and sweet.

Canva is your plug for this one.

Creative CV Zikoko

4) Minimalistic.

Here you go if this is your style.

5) Clean.

Astalavi, give them.

6) Not bad.

The best part is that this is such a user-friendly website.

7) Another banger.

Here you go. Again.

You should note that it’s not just enough for the C.V template to be beautiful, the content also has to match the beauty.

There are various C.V writing templates on the internet that can help you with this. An example is here.

In addition, just to be safe, save your digital C.V in PDF format after making it so it preserves text and image quality.

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