Curriculum Vitae aka C.V, the one place where it’s okay to lie through your teeth as a Nigerian because everyone else is doing it. Well, almost everyone.

In Nigeria, there are common lies that you’ll find in almost every C. V because jobs are competitive and unemployment is real.

You don’t believe us? come see for yourself:

1) “Proficient in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.”

Nigerian CV

2) “I can work under pressure.”

*Work applies pressure*

3) “Hardworking.”

*After 2 weeks at a new job*

Fainting man Nigerian CV

4) “Team player.”

*Me refusing help from colleagues on a difficult project*

Royco advert Nigerian CV

5) “Motivated.”

*Motivated to sleep*

6) Work experience.

*Me counting I.T as part of work experience*

kids in a trench coat, Nigerian CV

7) “Resourceful.”

*Resourceful only at finding good food spots* Did you guys think it was work-related?

8) Referees.

*Adds name of a friend, cousin, girlfriend*

Odunlade Nigerian CV


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