You had money before using crypto and you’re just trying to escape inflation. Whatever noise people are making on crypto Twitter doesn’t really concern you, because your money is long.


You also had some money before using crypto, but you’re desperately chasing generational wealth; and that’s why you’re glued to your crypto app every day.


You’re one of those people who want to use ₦2k to make ₦2 million in one week. etter go and find a real job because you’re not a serious person.


Ever since you put your money in, it hasn’t risen and it hasn’t dropped. It’s almost as if you’re a 50+ person using crypto as a savings account. Anyway, pour small yeast, maybe it’ll rise.


For some reason, money ritual appeals to you but you’re too much of a good person to do it. Instead, you put all your life savings in this coin hoping it’ll do 1000x again and make you a millionaire. Just carry  gun.


You really put your money in another version of the naira, only to watch it fall like it’s in love with gravity. Sorry, dear. You need all the emotional support you can get.


Crypto is just your salary account,  all the ups and downs are none of your concern. You just want that remote work money with zero stress.

Whether you’re a newbie who owns only Bitcoin, or you’re an OG who owns a bit of everything, you still need a way to secure your crypto bag. You can easily do this on the Luno app, which lets you buy and sell Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Download the app and sign up to get started.



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