Nigerians are pros when it comes to dodging paying people back their money. They’ll give you any excuse on God’s green earth to avoid repaying you your money.

Remember when we talked about catching the people owing you money?

Here are some of the most ridicuously Nigerian excuses you’ll hear from Nigerians when its time to pay back your mone

1. Their grandmother’s uncle’s teacher’s dog died

And dog funerals are very expensive in their village

2. They’re under spiritual attack

You will soon be under financial attack.

3. Their pastor said they should not touch money this period

I will beat you and your pastor together.

4. They deny remembering you borrowing them money

“Me, borrow money? Are you sure it was me?”

5. It is forbidden in their village to repay debt

“If I try it, Amadioha will strike me.”

If Amadioha doesn’t strike you, I will. Better pay up my money.

“6. So you cannot even dash me?”

This one is the most popular one. Dashboard ni.

7. Is it because of this small money you’re disturbing me?

You didn’t know it was small when you were begging for it?

Now, it’s time to catch these dodgy debtors. Find out 6 Ways To Catch The People Owing You Money.



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