If you’re one of those people who like to hide their money from family and friends, then this list is for you:

1) Deflect comments and compliments.

Some examples: “Don’t whine me.” “It’s not like that.”

2) Always say “we thank God.”

Person: How are things?

You: We thank God.

Person: How will you buy it?

You: God will do it.

3) Always ask people for money before they get the chance.

Do this is a subtle manner – “Boss, anything for me?” “Anything for boys?”

4) Say “God when” when you can obviously afford something.

Works like a charm.

5) Always deny ownership of your properties.

Examples that can help: “Asking for a friend.” “At least that’s what rich people do.”

6) Complain about Nigeria.

Everyone knows that if you don’t join people in complaining about the government, Nigerians will ask you for money. It is known.

7) Take Uber for 90% of a journey and use bike to complete the remaining 10%.

Arrive there in dust and regrets so that your cover is perfect.


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