It’s December, and there’s money to be made. Become a sinzu money yourself by starting a business around one of these ideas.

Sell bangers

How will people in the neighbourhood know December has arrived if they don’t hear the sound of bangers? It’s banger month once again. If you can supply neighbourhoods with bangers, you’d make some of the December funds you need.

Sell Christmas caps

If the violence of bangers is too much for you to handle, you can start selling Christmas caps and balloons on the side to complement it.

Become a Father Christmas

Offer yourself as a Father Christmas at a bunch of schools, and you’ll find yourself with a booming business. All you need to do is dance leg work in your costume to impress the kids.

Become a Bolt driver

Lagos traffic will deal with people this December, but you’ll eat good if you start your career as a Bolt driver for the month. Drive people to their December hangout locations and fake sympathy for them when you run into traffic, even though you know what it means for your pocket.

Resell concert tickets

Even though people are screaming that concert tickets are expensive, we all know they’ll still pay. Buy all the tickets now and start selling them to people at higher prices. If you don’t know how to start, here’s a guide.

Sell chicken

Christmas chicken is still all the rave for some people, so you can start your own cashout by raising and selling the. Carpe diem.


Nobody wants to be alone during the Christmas holiday, especially not for crossover night, and that’s your business opportunity. The only problem is you can’t be in many places at once.

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