Thanks to the invention of bank apps, banking has come a long way since everyone had to go into banking halls and spend hours lining up just to carry out bank transactions. Even though these apps are pretty handy, there are features we wish they had. Features like:

1) Voice Banking:

How cool would it be if you could just instruct your bank app on what to do instead of typing?

2) Cardless Withdrawal:

Never again will you have to stand in front of the ATM, confused and angry because you forgot your ATM card at home.

3) Facial and Finger Print Recognition Capabilities

Instead of typing in password every time.

4) Payment To Multiple Beneficiaries

To be clear, this is the ability to pay multiple people at the same time.

5) Instant Cash Advance

Instant loans given with repayments made automatically at a time of your choosing.

You know what bank app has all these features? The new Stanbic IBTC super app.

Along with the features of a regular bank app, the new Stanbic IBTC super app has all the cool features listed above. And it’s available for download for both Android, Windows, and iOS users.


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