If your salary has finished or you’re on your last leg, I welcome you. Seeing as I fit into one the categories above, I asked 10 people how they’d manage their last  ₦10,000 till the end of the 100 days of January.

Here’s what they had to say:

1) “Bless the money so it can multiply like Jesus did.”

2) “How can you manage 10,000 for 100 days?”

3) “Fast, and use the money to break your fast at the end of the month.”

4) “Put that  ₦10,000 in Cowrywise, not Piggyvest. Cowrywise because they won’t let you break the bank no matter how hard you try.”

5) “Don’t forget to cry every morning. You’ll need it to get through the day.”

6) “Buy Bitcoin and pray it doesn’t cast.”

7) “Just try not to breathe because Lagos air alone is  ₦2,500.”

8) “I’m averse to suffer head so I’ll fist buy beer and pepper soup. Then I’ll use the change to rent a gun. I should be sorted after one or two operations.”

9) “I’m sorry, I can’t relate.”

10) “I’ll first buy ₦5,000 suya to calm myself down. Then I’ll think of the next step.”

How would you manage ₦10,000 till the end of January? Let us know in the comments section!



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