You know how someone talks about something on Twitter, and suddenly everyone comes out to share their experiences about that thing? That’s also how this one started. Here’s the tweet that launched a thousand horrifyingly hilarious revelations:

The resulting quote tweets and replies are so damn funny, we simply want to ask Nigerian men, “Why are you so funny?” and to also let them know that this kind of humour has earned them one-way tickets to hell. 

How does one even begin to process this?

The bright side here is that if this person ever decides to become a rapper, he already has a perfectly viable stage name and tragically funny backstory.


Speaking of viable stage names and tragic backstories:

At this point, I’d prefer they keep me.

Aku would be proud.

This would be my 13th reason.

People need to chill.

Errand boy? Please.

What’s that thing they say about every disappointment being a blessing in disguise?.

Ralia the Sugarboy.

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