No matter how old you are, Nigerian parents never stop seeing you as a child. If you like, let your beard be fuller than Chewbacca’s. They remain strict and if you still live at home, your curfew still stands. So, if they still won’t give you your deserved respect, you have to take it by force, try these things.

Drink with your dad

Start going bar hopping with your dad. Nothing bonds two people faster more than conversations while drinking. or you can try drinking together at home and bantering like agemates while getting shit-faced. They’re bound to start showing you some respect when they see that you can hold your liquor.

Or pick up his mannerisms

The earlier your parents start seeing themselves in you, the quicker they realise you’re grown up too. Real recognise real.

Bring your partner home for a sleepover

Just introducing your partner to them will never be enough. Bring them to your parent’s house to spend the night. You need to start doing things that’ll make your parents wonder where you got  your audacity from.

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Go and marry

You’re the man of your own house now. They probably already want you out of their house sef.

Become a father

When people start calling you “Baba Kunle” or “Mama Nkechi” the same way they’re your parents since they had you. You can finally have some respect on your name.

Bribe them

Something has to give. If they won’t dance to your tune, give them money. Everyone likes money. 

Be a disappointment

Nigerian parents become disappointed in you when you start making your decisions they don’t like. Get that tattoo, be okay with being a disappointment and live a happy life.

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