To surprise a Nigerian man, you have to be meticulous in your planning. Try these tips if you’re sure you want to organise something that’ll blow your Nigerian boyfriend’s mind.

Plan a getaway

Let your man know it’s you and him for the weekend. No homeboys, no football, just hot couple enjoyment.

Surprise him on a weekend

This agbado era requires hard work around the clock, so chances are both of you would only be available on a weekend anyway. It’s also the one time he’s likely to follow along with your surprise.

Involve his friends

Let his friends know at least a week in advance. Carry them along in your plans, so they can clear their schedules and turn up for their guy’s surprise party.

Plan with his barber to give him a clean cut

Go to his barber and beg him to give your man a mad cut. You need him and his fades fine AF for you.

Tease him that all bills on you

Start teasing from home that you’re covering all the bills. He won’t think about a party but he’ll know he’s about to be spoiled.

Watch him be amazed

Make sure his friends get there earlier, and let him find himself in an ambush that turns into a party. Do this and you’ve done a fantastic job, so why won’t he be amazed?

Or just plan the whole thing in your head

It’s still the agbado era, which means you’re probably broke like the rest of us. Dreaming is free, and it’s the thought that counts.

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