First of all, it’s hard to surprise a Nigerian woman because we know everything. But if you really want to plan something your Nigerian girlfriend would love and might actually catch her unaware, these tips will help.

Tell her you’re planning a surprise for someone else

Remember what I said about women knowing everything? She’ll definitely know something is up when you start making quiet phone calls and guarding your phone. You don’t want to wake the investigative journalist in her, so just tell her without telling her.

Avoid her

Of course, now, she might want all the details of the surprise you’re planning for someone else. You can’t keep that up, so the best bet is to avoid her. Just don’t do it for too long, or she might enter another relationship before you pull off the surprise.

Tell her friends at least a week before the party

Don’t worry, they won’t ruin the surprise. You need them to make sure she’s all dressed up and baddie-fied for the event. Trust me, no one wants to walk into a surprise with six-week-old braids.

Make sure she doesn’t eat that day

That’s where her friends come in. You want her to have space for all the food at the party. This one should be easy because many Nigerian women have a problem deciding what to eat anyway. 

Say your ex will be present at the party

Just tell her your ex will be present at this random party, and watch your babe literally dress to kill. Or fight you and dump your ass. What’s life without a little risk?

Go all out on the decor

Because she’ll need to take pictures for the gram. I know they say it’s the little things that count, but this one doesn’t fall under the little things. The venue has to be lit.

Invite all her frienemies… then spray her money

You know what’s better than sending your Nigerian girlfriend money? It’s giving her money in the presence of all her enemies. They need to know her man is an odogwu. If this is the only thing you get right with the surprise, you’ve done more than enough.

Or propose

Only do this in front of a big-ass crowd when you’re sure she wants to marry you sha. Because why choose to embarrass her like that in front of everyone?

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