When it comes to making a man cry in bed, there are many things you can do to make that happen. If you are looking to make things so hot during sex that your man sheds tears of ecstasy, here’s a detailed guide on how to make a man cry in bed.

Call out his name often

Weirdly enough, one of the many things men like to hear during sex is their name.  Call out his name seductively when you like something sexual that he’s doing to you.  Please remember the exact name of the person you are sleeping with oh. Before you call out someone else’s name.

Talk to him

man's head in lady's bosom as lady holds his head

There is nothing as sexy as hearing each other moan,sigh, and demand what you want/how you want it. It guarantees equal pleasure for you both. Also, whispering naughty words in his ears can be a huge turn on. Do with this information what you must.

Play with his ears

lady playing with mans ear

Bite it playfully or just gently tug at it. You can also just moan or sigh in his ears.  The ears can be an erogenous zone so if you want the sex to be memorable for him, you should definitely do this.

Give his neck attention

lady kissing mans neck as he smiles

Start with slow kisses to let him know that you want him. Start from the base of his ears and work your way down. you can bite his neck softly as you inch down. Alternate between kisses and biting so he doesn’t know what’s coming next.

Look for his sensitive spots

man and lady in black briefs, standing with lady holding mans chest from behind

If you want to know how to make a man cry in bed, you must be intentional about pleasing him sexually.
Men have so many erogenous zones that don’t get love mostly because the men are too shy to ask their partners for that. Nipples are one of those spots. Pay attention to it. Just do what he’d do to you. 

Kiss his thighs

Plant light kisses from above his knees and work your way up increasing the pressure of your lips as you go. Remember that men like foreplay too.

Give him a massage

lady massaging man

Straddle him and give him a massage, replacing your hands with your mouth and tongue. This should make for an interesting experience for him.

Try new temperatures

Introduce new things in the bedroom, like ice, candles made for the skin, food like whipped cream, etc.


It won’t always go smoothly. Sex between two people who aren’t acting to make money can not be perfect. Relax, laugh, and make jokes. Just enjoy yourselves.

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