Sony just announced the prices of their new home video game console, PlayStation 5 and the world is loving it. Starting from $500 for the PS5 and $400 for the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, there’s a lot of anticipation for the long-awaited game console.

If you’re interested in getting a PS5, but you don’t have $500 lying around, this article provides all the tricks you need to cop yourself one of those bad boys, so your friends can finally come to your house and spend time with you.

1. Take all the money in your account and play Bet9ja

The higher the odds, the greater the profit. And when you get great profit, you have more money to buy extra controllers, a headset, a camera, and much more. Take a risk today.

2. Find a sugar mummy

In case you don’t know, the sugar baby business is booming. You just don’t know about it because your friends don’t want you to steal all their clients with your tender love and care. Open your eyes. Find a sugar mummy today.

3. Borrow money

If you have rich friends, here’s the time to take advantage of them. Lie that something really important came up and you need a quick loan of $600. When you buy the PS5, make sure they’re one of the first people to play it. When they ask for their money back, tell them they have already played it inside the PS5 and you now owe them nothing. Always works.

4. Open a GoFundMe

Nothing moves people more than a touching story, followed by a GoFundMe link. “Help Femi Achieve His Gamer Dreams” sounds like a compelling enough GoFundMe and should get you enough money to get your dream PS5 and maybe even a new flatscreen TV.

5. Steal it

Go and watch Money Heist. Can you see how easy it is to rob a heavily guarded national bank and get away with it? Now imagine a store guarded by a sleeping old man in Ikeja. What are you waiting for, king? Do you really want a PS5 or not?

6. Become a house boy

Even if you’re married, there’s no shame in taking on all the house chores and massaging your madam every morning and evening. Put the baby to sleep, cook dinner, and do whatever madam says. Make sure you send her purchase links at intervals so that your labour won’t be in vain sha.

7. Save and buy one yourself

If you’ve tried all the above and they don’t work, just save up and buy the PS5.

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