At some point, every Nigerian man has toyed with the idea of having a sugar mummy. Don’t deny it. Even you. The appeal of finding sex and financial aid in the same place is the Nigerian man’s dream.

With the Nigerian economy being what it is, the demand for sugar mummies has skyrocketed. As usual, Zikoko has your back. We put together all the places you can find your soulmate sugar mummy.

1. Church

I know, I know, church is for God. But you can also easily find the sugar mummy of your dreams in fellowship.

2. Jogging in your estate

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If you can’t wake up early, this isn’t for you. The ideal time to go jog would be around 6 a.m.

3. Gym

Not too much to do here. Just position yourself in the gym, flexing your muscles. You never know when you’ll be approached to be adopted as a sugar baby. Flourish.

4. Social clubs

This is the time to sell your car and use it to renew your membership at Ikoyi Club. Consider it an investment.

5. Coffee shops

I hope you like coffee because you’re going to be drinking a lot of it while waiting for your dream sugar mummy to notice you.

How to Start a Coffee Shop with No Money – Business Network

6. LinkedIn

I hear LinkedIn is the new Tinder. Brush up your profile for potential employers and sugar mummies.

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Man Like- a series for men, by men. Coming soon to Zikoko!


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