We asked 9 Nigerian woman to tell us the worst pick up lines men have used on them. Here’s what they had to say:


There was a tweet asking about the weirdest smell you like. So, I posted on my Instagram story and I was like “you guys don’t want to know.” Then a guy sent a message asking about the smell. I told him that I love the smell of balls fresh out of the shower, and he said he just pictured his in my mouth. And it looked like a perfect match. I was like wtf. It was so weird.


Someone I didn’t know on Twitter texted me saying: “Good morning my thick thigh pharmacist! how things dey go?” Like we’ve barely said a word to each other oh.


Someone told me the classic “You look familiar.” It still irritates me till today.


For pharmacists, we have a saying: “As men of honour, we join hands.” Someone tried to move to me using that line. He moved to me with “as men of honour” so I just unlooked.


My sister and I were standing together at a party and he goes “Is this your mother? because you sure look like her daughter.” In my mind, I was like this is boring.


Your leg beads say you’re available. Single women like you are telling men like me that you want some xxxx”


Someone actually walked up to me and said: “This one you’re looking like this, I can make you happy.” In my head, I was like who’s this one? Does he want to be unfortunate?


One time, one guy said “your name is Dayo, my name is Ayo. This means that we are destined for each other.” At that point, I knew I was never going to date any Ayo again. Another time, I heard “here’s my card, call me.” So lame.


One guy was like “do you like money because I have a lot to spare.” I’m not one to broke shame but it turned out that he was a broke-ass nigga. The ego and pocket no balance.

Editor’s note: Names and ages have been changed.

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