Are you tired of looking like everyone on your street? This article is for you. Zikoko is here to, once again, give you premium advice on how to go from a boring looking man to a man people will have no choice but to stop and stare at.

Think we’re lying? Try at least one of these outfits.

1. Go back to the 1700’s

Late 1700s Mens Fashion - Fashion Slap

You cannot lie and say that this outfit is not dope as hell. And the way fashion is going these days, one popular person will soon wear it and next thing, it will become hot cake. Better be the first to start this trend.

2. Crop tops

crop top men asos buy clothes shoes online

All that ab workout you’re doing, how will they see the results when you’re wearing shirts that are covering your entire body? Open your body small, let them see that your gym membership is not wasting. Abi Nigeria is not hot enough for you ni?

3. Thongs

Pin on Fashion Ankara

It’s not every time we should place the burden of sexiness on women. Please, guys, let’s do better.

4. Heels

Pin on Men of Style

Nigerian men like to talk big, if we can talk the talk, we should also be able to walk the walk. Abi what do you think?

5. Mini skirts Skirt for Men. Black Lace Mini Skirt for Crossdressing Men and  Transgender: Clothing

Show off those thighs, king.

6. Wakanda forever

Bro, you’re African. Don’t run away from your roots.

7. Bling bling

Rather than wear bling bling on only your neck, why don’t you wear it everywhere?

8. Be sexy everywhere

Instead of us telling you why you should wear this, we want you to give us five reasons why you shouldn’t wear this.



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