What does IJGB mean? – “I Just Got Back.” This means someone who’s living abroad and is back in Nigeria for December rocks. Now that you know the definition of IJGB, let’s begin.

December is upon us and God willing, the innits will soon be upon us. We’ve prepared this guide as a safety measure to ensure that you’re not taken for eediat this December.

Here’s a list of men to avoid this December:

1) The “I don’t have Naira on me” type

He’s a liar and a dirty ***** living a fake life.


2) The “I’ll come back to marry you”

Scope. We’ve heard this format so many times before.

3) The “I need a proper African woman”

S for what? – Slavery.


4) The insufferable ones

“In the [insert name of country] they don’t do this.” We’ve heard you.


5) The “do you have a friend?”

For what? For why?


6) The ones that won’t stop converting to anything that’s not Naira.

“Oh, just 6 pounds? That’s cheap. Lol.” It’s your daddy that’s cheap.


7) The ones that won’t introduce you to their friends of family

Femi, why are we always meeting at hotels in the middle of the night? Are you ashamed of me? Are you?


8) Any abroad Nigerian man that says it’s complicated

It’s a lie my dear, he has two kids and a lovely wife in England. He’s lying.

9) The triple threat

If he attended K.C, then went to Unilag, and is now in London for Masters, ah. Run oh

10) Children of politicians

Because while we’re having a good time, we’re not frolicking with the enemy. We’re still on that #EndSars wave my dears.


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