If You Thoroughly Enjoy Being Single, This Is For You

October 18, 2016

1. How you sleep knowing nobody is out there cheating on you or embarrassing you.

Like a baby!

2. When a cute person asks you out on a date, you’re like:

No bae to get upset!

3. When another person asks you out, you’re also like:

Because you belong to nobody and everybody!

4. When you can go out without having to check on someone else!

“It’s my life!”

5. When your friends are crying about their relationship problems, you’re just there like:

“I’m so sorry I can’t relate!”

6. When your mates are out there getting their hearts broken, you are busy smiling through life like:

“Once again, I can’t relate!”

7. When you can save your money because you don’t need to worry about dates, gifts and credit.

No money to waste!

8. When your friends who are a couple invite you as a third wheel on dates and pay for you.

Yes, pity me please!

9. When they are talking about relationship issues in church/mosque and it doesn’t concern you.

Next topic please!

10. When you are asked to travel for job opportunities and you don’t have to consider anyone else:

We move!

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