If You Were An Oversabi In School, Allow Us Tell Your Story

November 22, 2016

1. How you write names of noisemakers even though the teacher did not ask you to.

Because you are a good and dutiful student!

2. When you remind the teacher about your assignment and your classmates are looking at you with evil eyes.

Silly people!

3. When your teacher asks a question nobody is supposed to know the answer to, but you do.

Because I am super intelligent.

4. When your classmates try to make fun of you, you’re like.

You think you are doing me, you people are doing yourselves.

5. When you are chosen as class captain every single year.

Before nko? Who else?

6. When a new oversabi joins the class and tries to dethrone you.

My friend, you better shift back!

7. When you come second for the first time, you’re like:

Is this how I bow out of greatness?

8. When you win less than half of the awards at the end of the school year, you’re like:

Am I now average?

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