22 Faces All Nigerian Siblings Will Recognize Immediately

April 1, 2016

1. The “I’m definitely going to report you” face

Just let them get home.

2. The “Please don’t tell mummy and daddy” face

Just this once…

3. The “You can’t compete with this” face

Last born cuteness always wins!

4. The “So you think this will work?” face

Not overtime report, sometimes form siblings alliance.

5. The “I can’t believe you still reported me” face

Huge betrayal, bro!

6. The “I can’t believe you’re not in trouble” face

If it was me now…

7. The “So they bought for you and didn’t buy for me” face

Maybe I’m adopted.

8. The “I’m next in line for the beating” face

And it’s your fault.

9. The “I’m DEFINITELY next in line for the beating” face

This sibling thing is not working out.

10. The “Mummy and daddy are going to kill me” face

I should probably do it for them.

11. The “Mummy and daddy are going to kill YOU” face

This should be fun!

12. The “Mummy please stop talking, you’re embarrassing us” face

Can the ground just open?

13. The “Why are mummy and daddy always lying about keeping our money” face

All the money they have ‘kept’ where is it??

14. The “Everyone knows I’m the favorite child” face.

I’m sha number one!

15. The “Don’t come and embarrass me in school” face

Once we cross those school gates, I don’t know you.

16. The “I know your secret” face

Enjoy yourself. Till I expose you.

17. The “I can’t believe we are related” face

No really, It’s a lie.

18. The “It’s all your fault” face

Gosh you’re horrible!

19. The “What’s this one saying?” face


20. The “Do it yourself” face

Shebi you were forming older sibling?

21. The “I’m not giving you” face


22. The “Well done” face

Continue. My time is coming.

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