13 Rihanna Pictures That Perfectly Describe The Nigerian Dating Cycle

August 4, 2016

1. When that fine boy you’ve been eyeing finally calls you “big head”.


2. When your boyfriend doesn’t know he is your boyfriend yet.

Don’t worry you will soon know

3. When you whatsapp your man “I love you” and he leaves your message on ‘read’.


4. When your boyfriend is complaining that you bought him singlet for Valentine’s day but all his singlets kuku have holes.

See your life.

5. When your boyfriend of 4 months hasn’t already proposed to you.

Am I a joke to you?

6. You, waiting for your boyfriend to finish lying so you can bring out proof.

Keep talking oh!

7. When your boyfriend said he’d call you after the match and the match ended 3 minutes ago.

It’s like I’m now single.

8. When you spot potential husband material but your boyfriend is still gumming body.

Can I see road biko?

9. When you decide to finally leave your yeye boyfriend for greener ‘sugar daddy’ pastures.

It’s not by fine boy, abeg. BYE!

10. When you can’t gist your best friend about your new bobo because it’s her father.

The struggle.

11. When your sugar daddy told you he was busy at work then you see him enter the bar with his wife.

WOW! So it is like that?

12. When it’s already been 1 year and your sugar daddy has still not left his wife like he promised.

Is it fair?

13. When you now find out your sugar daddy is cheating on you and his wife.

Wow. So better bae is not by age.

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