13 Pictures Any Nigerian Who Ever Did A Group Project In University Will Get

June 7, 2016

1. You, running to your squad when the lecturer lets you pick your group.

Can’t carry last.

2. How you feel when the lecturer picks the groups themselves:


3. When you get grouped with the class olodos.

Can’t fail with you people.

4. When you organize a group meeting and nobody shows up.

See my life.

5. Your group members waiting for you to do all the work:

Even topic idea they won’t drop.

6. This person in every group project:

See this one.

7. How you write your name when you end up doing all the work.

No time.

8. The person you didn’t even know was in your group that turns up on the last day like:

Who is this one?

9. When the person that didn’t do any work starts doing the most during the presentation.

Are you well?

10. How you look at them when they get asked a question they don’t know.

Oya talk na.

11. What group projects teach you:

The worst.

12. Your face, when they end up giving all of you the same grade.

Is it fair?

13. How you feel about your group members till this day:

The truth.

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