All The Wahala That Comes With Being An Extrovert

August 18, 2016

1. How you walk into a function ready to meet people and have a good time:


2. When you get to an event and people aren’t being friendly.

Who beat you?

3. When you meet someone and they start talking about how introverted they are and how they don’t really like people.

Okay so why are you here?

4. When you’re being friendly and someone says you’re being pushy.

Ahn ahn?

5. When you meet a fellow extrovert.

Better person!

6. When you haven’t been around people for a while.

So hard!

7. You trying to calculate the best time to leave a party but still get maximum enjoyment.

Why am I like this?

8. When you’re extra quiet and people think you are sick.

Must someone be talking all the time?

9. When the social event is over but you are still excited.

There has to be somewhere else to go!

10. When all the people you want to hang out with are busy.

What will I do now?

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