All The Times You Had To Be Political In Primary School

December 2, 2016

1. When you have to run against your best friend for class captain position.

2. When you and your best friend like the same boy.

3. When you have to write the list of noisemakers and your crush is making noise.

4. When you have to choose who will follow you around school to give out cake and drinks on your birthday.

5. When you can’t invite everyone to your birthday party but you still have to go to school on Monday.

6. When your teacher asks you to snitch on your classmates and they just started liking you again.

7. When you like your class teaching assistant more than your class teacher and it’s teachers appreciation day.

8. When you have to choose who will be on your team during PE but your best friend cannot play football.

9. When you have to vote for teacher of the year but you don’t want your class teacher to win.

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