7 Types Of Drunk People You’ll Meet In Your Life

May 22, 2017

1. Happy Drunk

These ones will drink and just become stupidly happy for no reason. They’ll laugh hysterically at everything which is great because then they’re really fun to hang out with. The thing is, there is a chance that Happy Drunks drink to avoid their real life problems so if you’re a Happy Drunk, you have the potential to be a Raging Alcoholic. Sorry.

2. Sad Drunk

They’ll get drunk and start crying about anything and everything. Tell them that there’s no more food and they’ll start crying. Tell them to go home because the party is over and they’ll start crying. They will even start crying about that time someone broke up with them in primary school.

3. Angry Drunk

Once the alcohol kicks in, these ones just turn into Hulk Hogan. Any small thing that happens, they’ll want to fight. If you step on their shoe by mistake, RUN!

4. Talky Drunk

These ones will get drunk and just start talking anyhow. They will say everything they can to anybody that will listen. Try your best to escape from them because chances are they will hold you down and start telling you weirdly personal stuff.

5. Sleepy Drunk

They’ll get drunk and almost immediately pass out. Once this happens, don’t bother trying to wake them up because it won’t work. For the next couple of hours, they’ll be dead to the world.

6. Horny Drunk

These ones will get drunk and immediately turn to ashewo. If you’re ever bothered by a Horny Drunk, wipe them slap to return them to factory settings.

7. Paranoid Drunk

You’ll catch them sitting at a corner, wide eyed and looking around frantically like they just saw a ghost. These are the Paranoid Drunks. Walk over to them to ask if they’re OK and they’ll start screaming that you’re trying to steal their genitalia. Just leave them and eventually they’ll calm down.

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