16 Things Everyone Who Just Started A New Job Can Relate To

Etisalat Nigeria
April 26, 2017

1. When you get that “we are pleased to offer you” mail.

Thank you Jesus! All my enemies that said I will not find work during recession have been put to shame!

2. You calculating how your new salary will change your life:

3. You on the first day of the new job:

I gotta make a good first impression.

4. You burst into the office like:

Hey! Hey! Hey!  Guess who’s here!!

5. And everyone looks at you like:

Yes? Can we help you?

6. How it feels when your boss introduces you to your colleagues:

7. How your colleagues are really looking at you:

What’s this one feeling like now?

8. You trying to make friends:

9. When you’re in the office meeting but you have no idea what they’re saying:

Are you people even speaking English?

10. You trying to understand the inside jokes:

Why are they laughing? Is it me? Should I be laughing too?

11. When your boss finishes explaining your assignment for the day and asks, “do you have any questions?”


12. But on the inside you’re really like:

13. When your colleagues give you a nickname because they can’t remember your name:

14. How you feel at the end of the day:

I just want to go home and cry.

15. When your boss asks you if you’re enjoying your work so far:

So that you will now fire me abi?

16. When you get home and they ask you how your first day at work was:

Please, please, just leave me abeg.

And now, here’s a post for all of you who like to do play play anyhow at work.

https://zikoko.com/general/if-your-office-is-full-of-playful-people-this-is-for-you/ What other crazy things did you experience when you first started your job?

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