15 Funny and Strange Nigerian News Headlines

February 5, 2016
You ever see some news reports and go “LMAO!”, “what the hell?” or think in your head “what is all this?”. Look at these Nigerian news headlines and let your jaw drop!

1. When you literally can’t do without fish

We guess it is better to just die when there isn’t fish to eat.

2. Sometimes you take the law into your hands… or into your mouth

Only God “nose” what happened here…

3. When life throws marriage at you really unexpectedly

In all ramifications this was totally wrong.

4. When the elections were getting really serious and confusing

In the words of the famous Justin Bieber.. “What do you mean?”.

5. And it really got more suspicious and hilarious


6. When your shoe game was dope on earth and you have to tell Angel Gabriel too

Shoe game on fleek on earth and will be in heaven.

7. When the wrong spirit is moving you

Forever blaming the Holy Spirit for everything.

8. When you give the gift meant for the side chick to the wife

To think it is a day to share love oh!

9. When you can’t help but say “What the hell?”

Hmmmoooohhhmyyygawwwdddd…. why you lying!

10. When you realize judgement day is near

When you realize its all over.

11. It was a serious plea

You can’t help but wonder…

12. Even your boo get a boo

What is life?

13. When you realize deodorant can save marriages

Ordinary body odor, is it that deep?

14. When you’re being delivered but they say the containers are landing soon

Man cannot miss business abeg.

15. They don’t want you to have dinner

Now we understand DJ Khaled. They don’t want you to eat early.

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