14 Images You’ll Relate To If You’ve Ever Been To Computer Village

June 23, 2016

1. You, trying to find a place to actually park your car.

Nothing more stressful than taking your car to computer village.

2. When you enter computer village and suddenly become a “fine boy” and “fine girl”.

Nobody is ugly there.

3. How the agberos see you when you enter computer village smiling:

Better start frowning.

4. You, walking through computer village like:

The struggle.

5. When you realize the sun at computer village is different from the sun everywhere else.

The heat is not smiling.

6. When someone grabs you for “your pink lips, your piercing, your tattoos!”

Are you mad?

7. When people start rushing you with “you wan buy, you wan sell?”

Leave me, biko.

8. When someone tells you their shop is “just there” but you’ve been walking for 30 minutes.

Kuku kill me.

9. When you touch your pocket and you can’t feel your phone again.


10. When you bring out your money to try and count it.

Hay God!

11. When they go to the back of the shop to “pack” the phone you just tested.

That’s how they will pack fufu inside phone case for you.

12. When you buy an iPhone from one of the agberos at the gate.

Oshey iPhone by Nokia.

13. When you take your device to fix one problem and leave with three new ones.

See my life.

14. When you come back to your car and see hawkers selling shoes on top your bonnet.

Hian! From where to where?

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