10 Things You’ll See On Everybody’s Instagram Bio

May 22, 2017

1. Makeup Artist (MUA)

All those ones that’ll manage to draw one eyebrow and all of a sudden they’ve turn professional makeup artist.

2. Jesus Baby

Aren’t we all Jesus’ babies? What makes you so special?

3. Sapiosexual

These are the ones that will be shouting “SAPIOSEXUAL!” up and down and will still end up dating an idiot that can barely read.

4. Booking Info

What are they booking you for? You’re not a model, singer or actor. WHAT ARE THEY BOOKING YOU FOR?!

5. Age

Age that they will still lie about. What is now the point?

6. Coke Addict, Fanta Addict

What is our business?

7. Foodie

And all you eat is bread and akara. Stop lying to people.

8. Model

Just because you went to a studio for a photo session that one time does not make you a model.

9. Astrological Sign


10. Fashion Addict

As all your outfits are trash nko? How do you explain yourself?

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