Let’s start from the beginning:

Now that you have familiarized yourself with this new slur by another politician. What are the situations you can use it for in your daily life?

1) When your guy beats you at FIFA.

Call him a small boy of yesterday.

2) When someone is whining you.

Reverse engineer it and say you are just a small boy/girl with a big God. Use: Small boy, big God.

3) When they ask if this is your first time.

Deny and say “I don’t usually do this oh. I am still a small boy/girl.”

4) When your sugar boy tries to form man of the house

Put him in his place and call him the small boy that he is.

5) When your onigbese tries to run away with your money

Roll on the ground and let them know that you’re a small boy and need that money.

6) When your overbearing boss calls you to come in on a weekend

Tell him over the phone that he is a small boy and can’t tell you what to do on your day off.

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