Harmattan season gets the worst PR, and to be honest, it doesn’t deserve that. Yes, the season comes with a truckload of struggle: ashy skin, chapped lips, cracked heels and dry throat. But if you take a moment to really deep it, you’d appreciate these things that make Harmattan the best season ever.

PHCN, who?

You Need to Give Harmattan Season Its Flowers, and Here’s Why

Nature has already blessed you with natural air conditioning. PHCN can fall dead in a ditch.

Natural food preservative

Harmattan is all you need to shame PHCN for all the atrocities committed in 2023. With that cool dry Sahara wind, you only need to put food items on a steel surface or bowl to preserve them. 

Wash and wear

You Need to Give Harmattan Season Its Flowers, and Here’s Why

A weather that helps you save extra cost on dry cleaning? Yes, please. Wash your shirt, wear it and we promise it will dry up on your body before you get to the bus stop.

Wear your lip gloss in peace

Image: TikTok

As a guy, you won’t have to deal with annoying questions like “Why are you wearing lip gloss?” “Isn’t that too much?” You’ll get comments like “We love a well-moisturised king”. 

Agbalumo comes out to play

You Need to Give Harmattan Season Its Flowers, and Here’s Why

Image: Sundry Agro

It’s no surprise that the Queen B of fruits chooses the harmattan season to flourish. Roasted corn, overhyped apples and oranges can go to rest now. 

Natural starch

Image: Martha Stewart

Have you seen the way clothes stand at attention on the line during harmattan? No spray-on starch can give you these results.

Justification for disposable plates

Image: UbuyNigeria

If you hate washing plates, this is the time to jump on the disposable trend without feeling guilty about it. No more semo and eba hardening against unwashed plates, at least for a season.

Cry in peace

This weather will let you become the emotional wreck and crybaby you want to be. Before anyone catches a whiff and asks, “What happened?” your tears have dried up.



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