Maintaining premium beauty can be a hassle during the harmattan season. Your skin looks ashy AF, and even worse, your chapped lips are far from giving “kissable”. But true OGs know there are ways around keeping your lips succulent. 

We ranked the best lip care options for moisturised lips that will survive the thick and thin of harmattan.

Vegetable oil

The Best Lip Care Options for the Harmattan Season, Ranked

Image source: Food Network

It’s basically coconut oil with no PR. You can apply a swipe of it before leaving the house, or you can throw a deep-fried turkey in your purse and take a bite anytime you feel the dryness coming.

Coconut oil

Image source: Tree Hugger

It’s an active ingredient in most lip balms, so why not just go for the real deal? Find a container that can fit inside your purse or pocket, and you’re good to go.

Shea butter

The Best Lip Care Options for the Harmattan Season, Ranked

Our mums and grannies clocked this hack before big cosmetics came to bamboozle us with their products. It doesn’t get more natural than a nice spread of good ol’ shea butter on your lips.

Sleeping masks

The Best Lip Care Options for the Harmattan Season, Ranked

Image: Konga

This one should be on your radar if you hate waking up with dry and chapped lips to begin with. Lip sleeping masks are specifically formulated to keep your lips moisturised overnight. So apply one before you go to bed. 

Pocket-friendly lip balm

Image: Ubuy Nigeria

Your lips will stay strapped all day. You’ll never be caught unaware when that kiss comes your way. Go for a lip balm that’s pocket friendly in both size and cost, and you’re good.

Vaseline lip therapy 

The Best Lip Care Options for the Harmattan Season, Ranked

Image: Vaselinebrand

Vaseline is so universal, it doesn’t even seem like a brand name anymore. But besides the petroleum jelly (which also works), they have a range of lip therapy products in different fragrances. Just don’t be tempted to lick it off halfway into the day. 

Lip balms with SPF

Image:Ubuy Nigeria

These ones hit that sweet spot between shiny, well-moisturised lips and extra protection from the sun.

Long-lasting lip gloss

Image: Instagram/@herlichbeatyplanet

You want em’ lips shiny all day? You want your lips to be the centre of attraction when you step in the room? Long-lasting lip glosses is where the magic is at. The key is to make sure the gloss is actually long-lasting.



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